1. Call us at 714-581-5999 or email us at Let us know what tools you need replacing.
  2. Pay the discounted rate + shipping. Only credit card payments are accepted at this time.
  3. Your replacement part will be shipped on the day of your order*
  4. Just return the old parts within 14 days.

*Subject to availability. Your order confirmation will include a return label so you can send the old parts back. Old parts must be returned within 14 days. Otherwise, you will be charged the full price of the new parts.

Terms and Conditions:

Our Lifetime Guarantee Program (LGP) assures you that you can have a working tool for life so you can buy with confidence. Any tool you buy with the LGP can be replaced, for whatever reason, with a new one at a discounted price.

Qualified orders are those purchased online via or, or CNC Factory Customer Service at 714-581-5999 or  Replacements under the LGP can be made via CNC Factory Customer Service. New/refurbished parts (“replacement parts”) can be sold to the customer with qualified orders. They will be charged only 50% of the original paid cost of the item(s) as a discounted replacement part fee (“replacement part fee”), plus applicable shipping & taxes. The customer is required to return all the parts which have availed of the replacement part fee (“old parts”), to CNC Factory, within 14 days after ordering the replacement parts. By getting a replacement under the LGP, the customer understands and consents that CNC Factory will store their credit card information. The customer agrees that an amount equal to the replacement part fee may be charged later, in favor of CNC Factory, as a non-return penalty fee. Should the customer fail to return the old parts within 14 days (as per postmark) of the replacement part purchase, they shall forfeit the LGP discount and will be charged the non-return penalty fee in favor of CNC Factory. Forfeiture of the discount and charging of the non-return penalty fee is final. If the customer does not return ALL of the old parts within 14 days of the replacement part purchase (“partial return”), they shall likewise forfeit the non-return penalty fee in favor of CNC Factory, however, they will be given tool credit for all items accounted under the partial return. The tool credit is equal to 50% of the original paid cost of the item. Tool credits have a 1 year validity from issuance. Replacement parts and the LGP are only valid until such qualified part/order is in production. Should any part/order under the LGP be discontinued, CNC Factory has the right to substitute the replacement part(s) with another or similar/equal function or provide tool credit to the customer. Tool credits cannot exceed the total cost paid by the customer for the original order and its succeeding replacements.  CNC Factory has the sole right to suspend/discontinue the LGP in instances of fraud, misuse or abuse.