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4" Adjustable stainless-steel hose clamps4" Adjustable stainless-steel hose clamps
6" Adjustable stainless-steel hose clamps6" Adjustable stainless-steel hose clamps
Material Travel WheelMaterial Travel Wheel
Y-Axis IGUS Cable Carrier
ISO 30 Tool ForkISO 30 Tool Fork
Tool Sensor Air Blower CylinderTool Sensor Air Blower Cylinder
Replacement Brush Kit- 4ftReplacement Brush Kit- 4ft
Lift Table SensorLift Table Sensor
Vacuum Table Gasket ¼”
Replacement Brush Kit-2.75"Replacement Brush Kit-2.75"
Hiwin HG25 Rail BearingHiwin HG25 Rail Bearing
Vacuum Table Gasket 3/8”
PMI 30mm Heavy Load Rail BearingPMI 30mm Heavy Load Rail Bearing
XPR Loading Arm Suction CupXPR Loading Arm Suction Cup
Tool Height Measuring Sensor with MountTool Height Measuring Sensor with Mount
Hand Held controller with 10" cordHand Held controller with 10" cord
Wireless Hand Held Controller
12HP Air Cooled ATC HQD/ISO30 Spindle12HP Air Cooled ATC HQD/ISO30 Spindle

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